A Guide to Hardwood Floor Maintenance
Published on: January 26, 2022
Hand cleaning hardwood floor with a microfiber cloth

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Let’s face it: Hardwood flooring can be considered a work of art. The finished result is nothing short of amazing, from the type of wood chosen to how the pattern is laid out in your home. However, with beauty comes maintenance — and if you’re looking to have your hardwood floors glisten and gleam for the years to come, there are some helpful maintenance tips to keep in mind.

The Connecticut hardwood flooring experts at Courtesy Carpet are here to share what every homeowner with hardwood floors needs to know.

Daily Maintenance is Essential

One of the most important things to remember is that your hardwood flooring endures a lot of wear. As a result, it will accumulate dust and dirt build-up on the surface. To keep your hardwood floors looking immaculate, get into the habit of sweeping them every day. Doing this will help prevent surface build-up from accumulating, especially lessening its chance to turn abrasive over time.

Never Let Spills Linger

If something were to spill onto your hardwood floor, you must clean it up immediately. Unlike tile or short fiber carpeting, liquids will easily absorb into the wood since it is porous. Failure to clean up a liquid spill quickly can result in staining, swelling, and even cupping. The best way to soak up a spill is to use a microfiber cloth; the material is gentle on the wood and will get the job done efficiently.

Use Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Depending on the type of hardwood flooring you have selected, you must clean it with a hardwood floor cleaner about once a month. Before using any hardwood-safe cleaner, it’s important to check with your flooring provider or visit the manufacturer’s website to see which cleaners are suitable for your specific floor.

Be Gentle When Vacuuming

If you’re thinking about cleaning your hardwood flooring with a vacuum cleaner, ensure that you’re using one that is hardwood-friendly. Unlike traditional makes and models of vacuum cleaners, a vacuum for hardwood flooring has soft bristles that provide a deep clean but won’t cause surface scratches. If you feel that your current vacuum cleaner isn’t suitable for your hardwood flooring, chances are, it isn’t; we recommend you invest in a new one.

Hardwood Flooring Professionals to Count On

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