How to Choose the Best Carpeting for High-Traffic Areas
Published on: October 14, 2021

What To Look For When Buying Carpet For High-Traffic Areas

If the feeling of soft, plush material under your feet is something you look forward to every time you walk in the door, then carpet is the ideal solution for you. 

However, when shopping for the perfect carpet, you will soon find that the number of choices can easily become overwhelming; a myriad of materials, colors, and styles are available. Additionally, you will have to consider several factors such as pets, allergies, and kids, but especially which rooms get the most foot traffic. 


Best Materials For Durable Carpets

Finding the perfect carpet can be difficult; you want it to be comfortable and inviting all while being durable. There are a few elements you need to consider when buying carpet for high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms and stairs; materials are the most important one. 

From wool and cotton to synthetic fibers, carpets come in a wide variety of materials. If you prefer soft and durable fabrics, we recommend synthetic fibers. Some materials to also consider include: 


Nylon is often considered as the most durable option but it is not treated with a stain-resistant coating; this means that a stain-resistant treatment would be needed to keep it clean, increasing the overall cost of the material.


If you are looking for the softest option, then polyester is the way to go. It is a soft, comfortable and stain-resistant material that tends to be marketed in an array of beautiful colors that your other options may not have. However, one of the main drawbacks of polyester is that it has a tendency to shed over time. 


Triexta, a relatively new type of fiber derived partially from corn sugar, offers the best of both worlds; it is soft and durable and has built-in anti-stain abilities. Even though it is one of the more costly options, installing Triexta in your home will pay off in the long run.


Cleaning High-Traffic Carpets 

Taking good care of your carpets, especially in high-traffic areas, is the best way to extend their life. It isn’t always easy to clean your carpet thoroughly but, if you choose the right materials and cleaning methods, you will be able to keep your carpet looking as good as new for years to come.

Try vacuuming them once or twice a week to get rid of dust and particles. Additionally, you can use a professional carpet cleaning service once a year; hot water and steam cleaning will extract any residue trapped in the fibers of your carpet.

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